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Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Jack Smith, and I write and manage onemanswarblog.com.

Jack-7068 ps cropped-I’m a former newspaper editor currently working in college athletics. I write this blog because it helps me cope. My greatest hope is it helps others, too.

I’m also a recovering alcoholic who has battled severe depression at times. Recently, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (Type I) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

You can always reach me at onemanswarblog@gmail.com.

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I wish you peace and good health.



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  1. Jack:

    A friend, knowing I have gone through similar struggles, recently told me about your blog. I have enjoyed tremendously the few posts I have read thus far. As a recovering addict who has also been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I understand and can relate to the struggles. For almost a decade, I was in and out of treatment centers, and worse – even considered suicide, and it cost me just about everything; but fortunately and by God’s grace not my life. Finally, after years of searching, I was prescribed the right combination of medications and have, for the last three years, begun to regain my life.

    There is hope and your talents as a writer, as exceptional as they are, will no doubt encourage and benefit many others as they have me. As we know, It is therapeutic to share these struggles with others, especially those who struggle as we do. I wish you all the best and pray that you find peace.


  2. Mike,
    Thanks for visiting, reading and sharing. The followers who connect with the articles are the reason I keep on keeping on!

  3. Hi Jack,
    We have some mutual friends. I first discovered your blog from links that Mike Venable and Allison Kennedy shared on Facebook. Since then, I have read every past post, along with each new post. You have shared so much that has been meaningful to me. That is another story, for another day.

    I am writing to tell you that reading your blog inspired me to begin writing about and sharing my most recent struggle with clinical depression. As a former therapist and a former high school writing teacher, I have shared much about previous struggles — through speeches, articles, and small groups. But, I was ashamed of this last MDE, and I had not shared openly. Your blog gave me the courage to do so, and already dozens of former students are responding with their own stories or questions, both publicly and privately. If you have time, send me a FB friend request (Carol Etheridge Wingard), and read my FB Note entitled “My Most Recent Struggle with Clinical Depression.” The responses are the best.

    I also wanted to tell you that I told my psychiatrist about the genetic testing you described. I found this information so fascinating. Dr. John told me neither St. Francis nor other Columbus hospitals yet have the ability to do such testing. She says most insurance companies will not cover it (yet), but that I will be the first patient when they get it. I am mainly curious about how many medications I could have been saved from, over my 40-year journey.

    I am going to copy/paste what I included on my FB sharing (today) of the link to your blog. Before I do that, I have to say one more thing: ROLL TIDE!!! OK, two things: GO DAWGS! My husband, a Bama grad, has largely converted this UGA alum. We do have a son and a daughter-in-law who are Auburn grads, and AU’s recent Iron Bowl win made them, and our granddaughter Annabelle, happy. So, we are happy and wish AU all the best luck.

    Here is what I included on the link:
    I have been reading Jack Smith’s blog, “One Man’s War on Depression,” for four months now. I have learned much from this man’s story of his despair, his brokenness, and his journey toward recovery. His unflinching honesty stuns me. His humility empowers me to share my story. Every day, he reminds me that we all need the certainty that we do not walk alone. So few people have the courage he possesses. A former newspaper editor, Jack Smith now works as senior associate AD for Auburn communications for the athletics department. (By the way, look for his blog entry about the genetic testing being done now on people suffering with depression. Soon, insurance companies will cover this genotyping which will save people years of being on antidepressant medications that are useless for them.)

    Loved your entry about Thanksgiving – reminded me of my own childhood memories.

    Thanks again for sharing your spirit and your soul,
    Carol Wingard
    Columbus, GA

  4. Our prayers are with yours during your healing. It’s okay to get sick as God will always care for those in need who seek His Grace. Thanks for all you’ve done to contribute to Auburn’s incredible recovery and the best is ahead for you, your family & our great University.

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